Shooting Irish Lacrosse Club located in York Pa was formed in 2002 to teach, promote and spread the love of lacrosse throughout the parochial and private schools of York County and surrounding area.

Spring Shooting Irish Spirit Store

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Our Spring Fan Store is open for business!*
Lots of goodies for our Irish loving lacrosse fans, players and parents.
Store will close promptly @11:59PM March 3, 2019
Delivery slated for the week of March 24, 2019
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It is not to late to join Irish Lacrosse Small Group Training


     2019 Winter Training Special Offer for You!

20% OFF our 8-week Small Group Training (“SGT”) for Irish Lacrosse Take advantage of 16 SGT sessions with our experienced coaches now through March to prepare for the 2019 lacrosse season and SAVE $80!

The discounted program cost is $320, and payments for this special offer can be made in 2 affordable monthly installments1. Athletes may elect to train at our location in Red Lion/Dallastown, or at our new location in the York City Ice Arena across from York Catholic High School, NOW OPEN FOR TRAINING.


S3 Performance Training was established in 2014 and is owned and operated by York Catholic graduate and former NFL player Ron Johnson, and 23-year fitness industry veteran John Terpak. S3 trains aspiring student-athletes ages 8 & older.


For detailed information on S3 Performance Training please visit our website at www.s3performancetraining.comor email us at 



1 S3 Performance Training SGT is normally $200 for 8 monthly sessions, or $400 for 16 sessions. This special promotional offer reduces the price to $320 for 16 sessions, payable in 2 affordable installments of $160 per month for 2 months. This offer is valid for 16 sessions only. Promotional sessions expire 12 weeks after purchase to allow flexibility for vacations, illness, or injury.




“FAQs” Frequently Asked Questions


What is your training methodology for young athletes? – S3 Performance Training believes in teaching young athletes proper form and movement mechanics above all else. As experienced strength and conditioning coaches our goal is teach every participant the nuances of proper acceleration, deceleration, shin angles for proper cutting, and mastery of form during all weight training exercises. Our training methodology reduces the risk of injury, and/or expedites recovery and competitive readiness for athletes returning from injury.

Young athletes ages 8 to 11 utilize bodyweight strength exercises enhanced with band resistance and small hand weights. Middle school athletes ages 12 to 14 are slowly and safely introduced to intermediate strength exercises including dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells after they have shown proficiency with their form.

Highschoolathletesareintroducedtoadvancedstrengthexercisesandprogrammingsimilartowhattheywill encounter at a properly equipped high school, competitive college, or professional sports team. Conditioning (aka cardio) is programmed specifically to mimic the energy system demands of their givensport.


Where does your training take place? – S3 Performance Training operates out of Anytime Fitness in Red Lion/Dallastown, also convenient to east York. A new satellite location at York City Ice Arena is NOW OPEN across the street from York Catholic High School. We currently have athletes who travel 45-60 minutes from Lancaster, Harrisburg, and northern Maryland to work with our experienced coaches. Athletes and their families may choose to participate at whichever location is most convenient. Off-site team training is also available. Please visit our website www.s3performancetraining.comfor more details.


What about scheduling, cost, and training session duration? – Scheduling is often on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday cycle. This split allows athletes proper rest and recovery time between workouts, and allows families to schedule around educational and sporting events. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday training is available based on demand and must be confirmed prior to participation. Our $320 discounted cost for small group training (SGT) is extremely competitive with other performance companies. Private 1-on-1 training is also available for an additional cost. Our coaches are the most experienced in the area, including real world sports experience, professional certifications, and continuing education through reputable resources. Session tend to last 50-60 minutes based on the scheduled day’s training program and the effort of the participants towards completing the program. Parents should drop their athletes off 10 minutes prior to their scheduled session, and be ready to pick them up 10 minutes prior to their session completion.


How many athletes may participate per session? – Based on our experience, a small group of 3-4 athletes is the preferred size for each individual coach. Occasionally small groups may include 5-6 participants based on the training program, facility capacity, and coach’s availability.


How do I sign my son or daughter up? – Please email us directly at  and we will send you the current 2019 S3 Registration Forms. Please specify your request for Private or SGT training. Training is open enrollment and can be continued 12 months out of the year for your convenience.

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Welcome to Shooting Irish Lacrosse

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